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Rodney Thombson is a gym teacher and runs a Snowcone stand in Pineapple Soda.


Residence Cardston, Alberta

HS gym teacher
Snowcone vendor

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He appears to be a really laid-back and friendly character, caught snoozing with a smile in his first appearance.


Rodney is a stout, slightly disheveled man with a chin-strap beard, coke bottle glasses and a visor over his messy bed-head hairstyle. He suffers from a form of Micromelic dwarfism which affects the length of his arms and legs. He's usually seen wearing a yellow sweater tied around his shoulders like a cape and a Hawaiian themed pink button-up tucked into white shorts. He wears brown strap-buckle sandals and a matching belt. In Snowcone, he is seen wearing overalls and rubber gloves perhaps due to working an ice cream stand.


  • His snowcone stand appears to be the inspiration behind the name of the Saga he first appears in, 'Snowcone'. The symbol on the info page of this Saga is also present on the sign of his snowcone stand, using the O in 'snowcone' as the scoop of shaved ice.
  • He is the only known character with dwarfism.


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