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Gramcracker is Lime's grandmother in the series Pineapple Soda.


Gender Female
Residence Miami, Florida

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Gramcracker is Lime's grandmother in the series Pineapple Soda. She reportedly lives in Florida and is a real-estate agent with a chronic gambling problem. She has a close relationship with her grandson and is the one who originally got Lime into his interest in piercings and tattoos. She also took Lime in to live with her when his parents turned abusive but allowed him to move back in with them after she saw how important his and Pumpkin's friendship was, and now believes that the boys should not be separated.


Gramcracker is an elderly but active woman covered in tattoos and wearing a pixie cut hairstyle. She is usually seen wearing a green G-string and leather mini skirt with an oversized yellow, off-shoulder sweater and wedge heels with a string of green nugget beads on her left wrist. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is gray.


Gramcracker seems to be a very laid back and hip-with-the-times individual. Lime refers to her as "the cool grandma."




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  • Her name is a misspelled version of 'graham cracker' likely derived from 'gram' as in slang for 'grandmother' (i.e. gramma, gran-ma, granny, etc.) and perhaps the word cracker having to do with being a popular 90's slang for someone of Caucasian descent. This may be because as she is his grandmother on the non-Latin side of the family and thus 'Caucasian grandma.' It can be assumed Lime sees this as an affectionate title given his relationship with her and the fact he is responsible for giving her this title.
  • Her name is the only known nickname in the series to be intentionally misspelled as a pun.


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